Basketball Training

Think you know what goes on at IMG Basketball Academy you have no idea.....

​Year-round Basketball program

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard...


Our Mission:

IMG Basketball Academy is an organization with a mission to contribute and increase the passion for  basketball in the community. Our youth basketball program emphasizes strong fundamentals, excellent instruction, coaching with equal and maximum opportunities. With our coaches and transparent administration we can take your child to the next level.


Your team  becomes your family, the ball becomes your best friend, the courts becomes your home, and the game becomes your...LIFE

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Instruction Motivation Guts

IMG Basketball

One child, One teacher, One basketball, One court, can change the world...


​One team, One goal, One opponent at a time...

Coaching/Skills DevelopmentTraining Staff:

Head Coach:Archie Daniels

Assistant Coach:Johnnie Blue

Assistant Coach: ​Jahprince Williams


Emphasis on fundamentals: shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defense...



Fun, teamwork, fair play and family involvement...




Winning without bragging, losing without complaining or making excuses, showing sportsmanship  and treating your opponent with respect...




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